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25 December 2009 @ 03:39 pm
Fic: Mistletoe  

Another Xmas fic from me! It's actually a prompt (am i right??) from 'Johnny's December Fic Meme' about KA-TUN 'harassing' Junno that is always walks under a mistletoe.. But seriously, I think my fic is so totally different from what the author want.. Aish! 

p/s: To the author that request this.. Don't kill me??


Summary: Whenever Junno walks to some places, he will always walks under a mistletoe resulting his members take the advantage to 'harass' him.. hehehe..
Characters: KAT-TUN (KA-TT-UN)
Rating: PG??
Genre: Fluffy?
Warning: Grammar! Grammar!!



p/s: Mod, add 'fic', 'maruda', 'akame' tags please?? Or maybe you can add 'one-shot' too..